Real Estate Virtual Academy LLC

The Real Estate Virtual Academy takes the convenience of a typical online class and combines it with a real instructor of a live classroom, creating a virtual course. This virtual concept allows YOU access to a real instructor that is there to teach YOU real estate anytime and from anywhere YOU are ready. At the beach or at the gym... on a lunch break or on the sofa... 1 p.m. or 1 a.m... whenever and wherever your instructor is there. Access your course from a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This provides the capability to “Carry Your Instructor with You”. Get distracted or don't understand a topic being taught, either replay the topic or message your instructor for help. Once understood, then continue with your course at your pace. Your instructor will never leave you behind.
The Real Estate Virtual Academy's Real Estate Pre-License Courses were developed and designed by Certified Distance Education Instructors (CDEI) along with the advice from real estate brokers in order to meet or exceed the state’s license law requirements. Once developed the course was strictly reviewed and approved by the State’s Real Estate Commission.
The Real Estate Virtual Academy, its instructors and courses are fully licensed by the State with license numbers presented upon request. The Learning Management System (LMS) used is fully compliant to state, national and international requirements for security and safety of student's information and will only share student's information with the State for licensing purposes.
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